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Connectivity - Know how it all fits together

Know how it all fits together

Children in a Primary First Trust School learn to form vital relationships. These relationships begin with their classmates through collaboration and peer support and extend to the teachers and support staff around them. They begin to make connections within lessons and then across subjects and topics; these connections eventually reach beyond the classroom.


Through the way in which PFT schools connect with parents and the local community, the relationships grow. These relationships are mutually beneficial and enable our pupils to identify their place within society and to recognise their responsibility as citizens both now and in the future as young adults.


Pupils within a PFT school forge relationships with other children across the trust through collaborative, celebratory and competitive events. Though links with schools which are geographically further away- often in other countries, PFT pupils become global citizens who are able to identify with children from culturally different backgrounds. This connectivity is possible through the use of technology which brings people closer and opens up dialogue with others in a way that would have been impossible in the past.

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