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PFT Associate Biographies



Charlotte Baker (Cuxton)

Charlotte Baker is the Deputy Head at The Academy of Cuxton Schools. She has worked at Cuxton Junior School since she graduated from Canterbury Christchurch University in 2009. Throughout her time at Cuxton, she has been lucky enough to have worked in all year groups across Key Stage 2, mainly specialising in teaching Years 3 and 4. She has also had some experience in Key Stage 1, working in Year 2, an area she now loves.


After her NQT year, she became Maths Subject Leader at Cuxton Junior School; a role that she has always been extremely passionate about. She has led maths across EYFS, KS1 and KS2 for many years now, with outcomes being in on an upward trajectory for the last three years. Her main aim as a Subject Leader is to engender a fascination with the subject and ensure that every child had access to high quality teaching through an enriched Curriculum. Her passion for leading maths was recognised by both colleagues and parents, when she won the Kent Teacher of the Year award in 2013. She is also a qualified NCETM Trainer and has become a SLE in this particular field.


As Assessment Lead at The Academy of Cuxton Schools, Charlotte drives this area with determination and rigour. She has a strong understanding of data analysis and how it can influence strategic planning, resulting in her being successful in her application to become an Assessment Associate. She has worked closely with schools across the PFT to support the embedding of a Trust wide assessment system with success. Assessment is also an area in which she is able to support other schools in her role as a SLE.


She is very much looking forward to working with her PFT colleagues this year in role of Assessment Associate.



Katherine Bennett (Lessness Heath)

Katherine is the Early Years Leader at Lessness Heath Primary School and a Specialist Leader of Education for the Medway Teaching School Alliance.


She has worked at Lessness Heath Primary School since graduating in 2014, and after her first year as an NQT in Reception, she became the schools Early Years Leader.


Since working for the Primary First Trust she has developed her skills as a teacher and leader year on year. She has successfully completed the Outstanding Teacher Pathway and the Senior leadership Pathway, which have enabled her to expand on her knowledge of successful school improvement and embed autonomous, independent learning for the children that she teaches. Katherine says the best outcome from this has been being able to be a part of growing new teachers coming into the career and having the opportunity to work with and mentor; TeachFirst, Early Years Practitioners and NQT’s.


Katherine has been part of the positive changes at Lessness Heath Primary School, through participating on a highly skilled ‘Raising Standards Team’ for over 2 years. She is very proud to say that she is part of the team that has created better learning opportunities, a school that fosters a love of learning and a setting that truly earned the best outcomes for children across the school and specifically within the Early Years for over 5 years!


Katherine says an Early Years Associate is an honour and she is looking forward to working with the other Early Years Leaders to enable success for all of our children at the Primary First Trust, as well as ‘Magpie’ ideas and practices to develop her leadership and teaching even further.



Ann-Marie Bolton (Mayplace)Ann-Marie Bolton (Lessness Heath)

Ann-Marie has been teaching for the past 15 years in schools across Bexley and Kent. She spent 8 of these years at Mayplace as Early Years Co-Ordinator and English Lead.


In September 2016 Ann-Marie joined the team at Lessness Primary as Assistant Headteacher in charge of KS2. This academic year Ann-Marie has also taken on the role of Maths Lead and is in charge of Attendance.

Ann-Marie has a keen thematic approach to learning and believes that classrooms should be inviting, allowing opportunities for all children to learn autonomously wherever possible.


During the last academic year Ann-Marie had the privilege of organising and delivering the Outstanding Progress Pathway to eleven teachers within the PFT. Ann-Marie worked closely with another associate, Melissa Cousins, creating high quality opportunities for these teachers, supporting them to progress further in their own professional development.


Ann-Marie is looking forward to developing the OPP even further this year.



Hayley Bond (Wayfield)

For over ten years, Hayley has relished creating the ever evolving classroom that inspires a love of learning. Having completed her training through the Graduate Teacher Training Programme, she is now proud to be a School Direct and Teacher First Mentor, investing in and helping others to be the best they can be.

Last year, she thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with colleagues across Medway to develop effective pedagogy in Maths as part of a Teaching for Mastery Research Group. Hayley is passionate about lifelong learning and is very excited to be working with Maths Leads across all the schools in the Primary First Trust.




Liz Boucher (Westcourt)

Liz completed her Undergraduate Degree in geography at Nipissing University in Canada followed by her Bachelors of Education (hons) at Lakehead University. Shortly after completing her Bachelor of Education she decided to pursue new opportunities and moved to England. Liz’s first teaching position was as a long term supply in year 4 at Westcourt Primary where she immediately felt at home and, as a result, Liz was hired full time and is now in her fifth year of teaching there. Liz is science lead at Westcourt and was a science associate for the Primary first Trust last year. In this role her and her partner, Nicky, helped science leaders across the trust develop, implement and improve their own individual assessment systems in order to improve teaching and learning through the use of effective and robust assessment. This year Liz is a year 6 teacher and KeyStage 2 leader at Westcourt as well as an associate for teaching and learning. She looks forward to working collaboratively with the other teaching and learning associates to help maintain and improve the good practice of teachers across the trust.



Nicky Boushear (Wayfield)

Nicky has been a primary school teacher for the past 20 years, following a 4 year B.Ed(Hons) in Science & Environmental Studies. Initially teaching in Key stage 2, she found her true home working in Key stage 1 and Early Years.


She has held Year Group Leader positions in Years 1 and 2 and co-ordinated Science & ICT within large infant and primary school teams as well as a Leading ICT Teacher role within her local Education Action Zone.


After moving to Wayfield Primary School in 2015 Nicky was very pleased to become part of PFT the following year. She was honoured to be invited to take on an Associate position for ‘Wider Curriculum’ and move into a leadership role within the Trust in her first year with PFT.


This year she is excited to have a responsibility for Science the subject she has always had a passion for.




Simon Brown (Mayplace)

Simon Brown is Deputy Head Teacher at Mayplace Primary School in Bexley, as well as an Associate for Assessment, primarily for the ‘Bexley Hub’ of schools.


He has held a position within the Primary First Trust schools since the trust began in November 2013 and prior to that, at the Federation of Barnehurst Schools, the founding trust school.


He has a keen interest in assessment, holding a seat on two groups that steer assessment within the trust. These are the Assessment Steering Group and the Assessment Working Party. Over the last two years he has contributed to and helped steer a range of policies that both involve statutory assessment and PFT assessment systems across all Key Stages, with a view to its delivery and impact in schools.


Within his role, he also leads both internal and more ‘outward looking’ external moderations involving schools from other trusts and non-academised schools to ensure accuracy and quality of assessments. He has also undertaken a more hands-on approach, supporting other schools and individuals within schools through assessment. These have included looking at assessment systems and their impact on learning.


In addition, he has also worked directly with children and parents in various schools, involving them in pursuit of a further understanding and involvement in assessment with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of education for all.




Melissa Cousins (Cuxton)

Since starting her teaching career in 2013, Melissa has taught across all key stages. She proudly led her EYFS team at Mayplace Primary School to secure an outstanding judgement from Ofsted in June 2017. She is currently taking on a new challenge, leading Key Stage One at The Academy of Cuxton Primary Schools and is teaching in Year Two.


Melissa has worked as a PFT Associate for the past three years. During the 2015-2016 academic year, she led an associate project with a fellow colleague to embed British Values within the schools in the Trust. One of the great successes of the project was the Cross-Trust debate at the end of the school year where children across the schools in Years Five and Six debated current worldwide issues in the news.


For the last two academic years, she led the Outstanding Progress Pathway with another associate working with good teachers to help them to develop outstanding practice in their everyday teaching to achieve the best possible outcomes for children in their class. Following the success of the last two years, she will be taking on the Good to Great pathway along with Ann-Marie Bolton to support a new network of teachers across the six schools.   


Kelly Hannaghan (Lessness Heath)

Kelly is the Wellbeing Leader at Lessness Heath Primary School and has spent her professional career passionately focusing on enhancing the opportunities and life chances of pupils and families in education. Through the power of her mental health training and therapeutic skills, she has successfully led on the “Wellbeing Award for Schools” process, resulting in the school being the first to achieve this. has over 10 years’ experience in working with the most vulnerable of families with positive outcomes. Her role as Wellbeing Associate for the Primary First Trust involves steering many projects for positive wellbeing in education for all stakeholders. She is a keynote speaker for staff wellbeing and national educational conferences and is the founder and facilitator of the successful Family Matters empowerment programme.



Viv Hart (Westcourt)

Viv has worked at Westcourt Primary and Nursery School since 2006 joining as an NQT. She is currently Acting Deputy Head, Years 1, 2 and 3 Phase leader, English and Music lead. Viv also teaches Year 2 for two days a week. The majority of her teaching career has been spent in Upper KS2, particularly Year 6. Last year Viv taught Reception for a term and a half which she found very rewarding and insightful.


Being a county moderator for Year 6 for the past two years has allowed Viv to work with a range of different schools and experience different approaches to English teaching. Viv has also led French, Science and Computing. Responsibility for leading Online-Safety within the school has allowed her to engage with parents in events such as Safer Internet Day. Completing both the NPQML and NPQSL have been key to Viv's success as a leader within school because they gave her time to reflect on herself as a leader and gave her a range of different strategies and ideas to use when supporting others.


Viv has found leading music immensely rewarding. The school choir have taken part in many events such as the Thameside choral festival, singing at Bluewater shopping centre every Christmas and helping to raise money for local charities such as Demelza. Whole school productions are always a highlight of the year; Viv is very excited that the school will be taking part in their first PFT celebration this year.


Viv is looking forward to being one of the PFT Pledge associates and helping to provide the children with even more creative and life-changing opportunities.



Richard Jackson (Lessness Heath)

Richard started his career at Barnehurst Juniors and then took on the role of English lead in his second year. In addition, Richard worked as an associate helping the trust with English and was a member of the senior leadership team in his 4th and final year at Barnehurst. Richard then decided to travel the world and took several roles in teaching positions while abroad , mainly teaching English to foreign students across South East Asia.

Upon his return Richard was delighted to accept a position at Lessness Heath where he has worked across Years 4, 5 and 6 over the last two years as well as taking on phase leader roles for both upper and lower KS2. This year Richard has responsibility for leading the Language for Life Curriculum development hub which has the aim of moving forward English, Spanish and speaking and listening teaching and learning across the school.

As part of his role as the English lead at Lessness, Richard is committed to achieving the very highest of standards for the children in our care and feel as though effective communication skills, particularly the ability to actively listen, speak confidently as well as articulate information clearly, will be integral skills that children will need in the employment market of the near future.

Richard has an active interest in current educational research and is keen to keep practise moving forwards, thinking of and trying innovative and effective new ways of helping children to learn as often as possible while keeping staff well being in mind.




Claire Johnson (Mayplace)

Claire initially began her career in education through part-time work as a classroom assistant and lunchtime supervisor on a voluntary basis, but eventually as an employee at Belvedere Infant School. In time, Claire felt the need for personal development and enrolled to study for the Specialist Teaching Assistant Certificate at the Open University. In December 2001, she passed the STAC course whilst juggling a family and a job in a primary school. At this point Claire was working part-time on a 1:1 basis with a visually impaired child and went on to support a child with multiple special needs. Claire was also recommended for and achieved H.L.T.A. status and attended evening classes to attain level 2 BSL in sign language. She continued working for four days a week, at Pelham Primary School (both as a T.A. and a H.L.T.A, to cover PPA from nursery to year 6), whilst attending Christchurch Canterbury to study for a degree (with BA Hons) in child and youth studies, in order to gain her teaching certificate. One of Claire's personal highlights was completing one of her teaching practices at a street school in Ghana.


Currently, Claire is employed as Assistant Head Teacher and SENCO, having completed three years in Lower Key-stage Two, three years in Year Six and having taught in Year Five for the past year.


Claire is proud to have been a Primary First Trust Associate, working in partnership as the Trust PFT Lead for SMSC/PSHE and Fundamental British Values, then as one of the Year Six Associates. Last year Claire was delighted to be a PFT Associate for Pupil Voice, working with an amazing team across the PFT to organise key events for our children to be seen and heard. This year she is delighted to have been appointed as one of two Wellbeing Associates within the PFT.



Vicky Little (Lessness Heath)

Vicky has been working at Lessness Heath for over 5 years in which time she has covered all areas of the lunchtime operation. She has recently been appointed Senior Midday Leader and looks forward to using her experience and skills to bring an enjoyable, efficient and safe lunchtime provision to the children. She believes that across the schools within the Trust , we will be able to share the processes which work well, and identify areas in which we need to improve and how we as a group address any skills gaps that arise from this. She is looking forward to the challenges of this newly created MDL Associate role.


Her background before working as a MDL was working as a TA for a short time at Lessness, and prior to her raising her young family, worked in HR and Training and Development teams.




Philip Malsbury (Mayplace)

Phil has been a School Governor for five years and has recently been elected as Chair at Mayplace Primary School. Phil has significant experience in governance from his day job as an IT architect and has three children who are all in primary school so he wanted to help contribute to their school to provide the best possible education for them and all other children as far as possible. In his time as a School Governor, he has been involved in a number of activities to improve Governance in Mayplace including leading the Governors’ approach on Policy Reviews, Governor Visits to the School and training for Governors (using gaps identified by the Governors’ annual skills audit. He also created the Annual Governors’ Handbook which is an invaluable bible of information for all Mayplace Governors.


The  Governor Associate role is an opportunity for Phil to share all his learnings and knowledge of various aspects of Governance with other Governors across the Trust in a proactive manner. He is also keen to influence Governor Training across the Trust and ensure that all Governors have access to the vast support network that is available across the Trust and beyond.



Helen Reeves (Mayplace)

After finishing a BSc. Psychology at the University of Exeter, Helen completed a primary PGCE. After successfully finishing her NQT year in Year 4, she was given the challenge of teaching Year 6 and becoming school science lead- a role which she loved.


Helen is a Year 6 teacher at Mayplace Primary School. Within her current role as Lower Key stage 2 and Maths Leader, Helen has enjoyed the challenges of mentoring NQTs, and implementing the maths curriculum. As part of the Innovation Pathway, she carried out action research into ability grouping in maths. This year, she is part of a Teaching for Mastery Work Group. She is also looking forward to working with other teachers in the trust.  



Lindsay Shipway (Cuxton)

Lindsay began her journey into teaching by volunteering as a parent helper when her children started school and from there she completed a specialist diploma in supporting teaching and learning in school.  Lindsay has been a teaching assistant for six years and achieved her higher level teaching assistant status last year.


Lindsay is currently based at The Academy of Cuxton schools as a higher level teaching assistant. She has experience with teaching across both key stages and is very passionate about working to support and improve children’s outcomes.   She is therefore delighted to be Associate for supporting teaching for the PFT and is excited to build new working relationships with support staff across the trust.






Tim Williams (Wayfield)

Tim Williams is currently the Head Teacher of Wayfield Primary School. He has previously taught in both KS1 & 2 in Medway and Bradford. Tim has always been passionate about sport and has run junior sports teams in the past. It is an exciting time to be involved in sport with the increased amount of money available for Sports Premium. Tim is driven to improve the number of children participating in sports and to develop a team spirit among schools in our trust.





Joan Woodham (Barnehurst)

Joan Woodham is the Associate for Inclusion in the Primary First Trust.


She currently holds the post of Deputy Head teacher at the Federation of Barnehurst Schools.  Joan has worked at Barnehurst for the past five years where one of her responsibilities is Inclusion.


Prior to joining Barnehurst, she worked in a 2 form entry Primary School, a Day Nursery and a 1 form entry Infant School. She has experience of teaching children from EYFS to Year 6.


As a Trust Associate, she is looking forward to continuing her work with the Inclusion Leaders and Sencos. The focus remains on improving outcomes for children, developing systems and providing training and support for school staff as well as parents.















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